Garden Water Conservation Tips & Tricks

Garden Water Conservation Tricks and Tips


Not using your sprinkler heads? Capping them is a smart idea. See this video:


Other garden ideas include:


  • Get a more efficient irrigation control box to manage your water flows
  • Convert your existing spray irrigation system to a drip line
  • Use nature to manage your sun and shade requirements
  • Preserve wetlands
  • Practice smart planting principles. Put shade loving plants in the shade and sun loving plants in the sun. Avoid water guzzlers unless you have a specific purpose for them. Plant native species and remove invasive plants so they don’t hog your gardens natural resources.
  • Many places across North America have adopted the brown is the new green for lawns.
  • Use a hand activated wand to water your plants, to avoid wasting water on areas that don’t really need the water.
  • Keep soil aerated so it can draw moisture into itself. Solid hardpan soil acts like a ducks back and does not absorb any water.
  • Mulch your garden to retain moisture in the soil
  • Smaller gardens can be placed in containers. These containers can be moved from the sun to shady spots in the heat of the day to reduce moisture loss.
  • Collect bathwater, and water you don’t use from your taps, while your waiting for the right temperature (hot or cold)
  • Invest in a rainwater harvesting system to maximize the value of your water supplies all year round.
  • Consider raingardens, xeriscaping and removing the lawn to repurpose the space for better water efficiency.
  • Keeps weeds out to reduce water competition with the plants you really want (UBC Botanical Garden, 2016).





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