Recent Presentations

Recent Presentations


•Amsterdam International Water Week (IWA)

RWH Literature Review & Analysis for Best Practices to build an Integrated Urban Whole Water Mgmt. System in Calgary Alberta Canada,

Amsterdam Netherlands 2015


•68th National Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) Conference

Analysis of Rainwater Harvesting to Compile Best Practices for a Successful Urban Integrated Water Cycle Management System at the City of CalgaryWinnipeg, Manitoba 2015


•CWRA Alberta Branch Conference

Rainwater Harvesting Best Practices as Part of an Urban Integrated Water Cycle Management System

Red Deer, Alberta 2015


Bow River Basin Council Science Forum

State of the Watershed and Urban Implications of Changing Rain/Snowfall Patterns in the Whole Water Management System in CalgaryCalgary, Alberta 2015


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