Why the Future Must Start Now

Why the Future Must Start Now


Research from around the world is showing us that our water is, its own fully integrated system. Scientists also tell us that mean temperatures around the world are rising and precipitation intensity is increasing in the winter months. This is at the same time, there is a serious decline in the summer months when compared against historical norms. Groundwater and surface water levels are declining at the same time as these changes are taking place (Goderniaux, et al., 2011). Contrary to what some people believe water is not a consistantly renewable resource. It is very limited in the fresh form life requires to sustain itself. For more information, click this link.



More places around the world are instituting building moratoriums because there is not enough water to support the population. People and the natural ecosystem cannot survive without water. The good news is that we have alternatives. Rainwater harvesting and atmospheric moisture management can supply drinking water, non-potable water and moisture for agriculture and gardens.


According to the Global Water Partnership water insecurity is costing the global economy USD $500 billion annually. The US is enduring flood damage at an estimated USD $120 Billion per year (GWP/OECD Task Force on Water Security and Sustainable Growth, 2015).


Ask us about techniques you can institute today to have more water for the important things when drought arrives. The best news is that these techniques also mitigate the impacts of heavy downpours.





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