I would like a raingarden built, do you do that?



I would like to have someone design a rainwater harvesting system for my house or building, do you do that?



I am considering buying a house with a rainwater harvesting system, do you do inspections on these systems?

Yes, with a comprehensive audit report for you to keep.


I am selling a building with a rainwater harvesting system, can I have an inspection report prepared for potential sellers to explain the system and the quality of it?

Yes we inspect and prepare a comprehensive report of all findings


Does rainwater harvesting decrease the amount of water in our watershed?


No. You use your existing water supply, only differently. The water remains in your locations water cycle. When you utilize rainwater harvesting the objective is to slow the water cycle and make the best water usable, for the most suitable purposes. Our changing weather patterns are resulting in much heavier rainfall events than existing infrastructure can handle.


Groundcover can receive up to 100 of millimeters in an hour. Today most of the water that falls in these kinds of events is lost. The rain comes down too hard and fast, washing out retention capacity, scouring the pavement and flushing contaminants into existing freshwater supplies. What remains is often more polluted, and harder to treat back to potable water standards. In Canada the Walkerton disaster is likely the most prominent example of what a heavy rain event is capable of doing. “The Public Utilities Commission Operators, Commissioners, Municipality, Mayor, Public Health Authorities and the Ministry of Environment were all implicated in the failure of the Walkerton water system as was a lack of legislation and regulation to drive water quality. These deficiencies resulted in seven deaths and 2,300 people becoming ill due to Escherichia coli O157:H7” (Ungerson, 2015) (Part One: A Summary Report of the Walkerton Inquiry: Events of May 2000 and Related Issues, 2002)


I have been told I can’t build on my property because there is a water moratorium in place, can you help?

Yes we can. First we do a hydrological analysis of your location and determine how much water is naturally available. This will determine how much surface area you will require to collect sufficient water supplies to meet your needs. Then we can design a system that can be put forward to your local building commission for consideration. Many areas are having to consider these options if they have any hope of growth within communities. By presenting a professional analysis consistent with recognized local, nation and international standards to back it up, there is a much better chance of success.


I would like to test my water can you help?

Yes. Groundwater, surface water and collected atmospheric moisture can be tested. Currently we are offering this service in British Columbia and Alberta only, but hope to extend into the rest of Canada and the US in the future.


How can I connect with the rainwater catchment community?

CANARM and ARCSA are two excellent organization's operating in Canada and the US. If you are located outside of these jurisdictions we can try to put you in contact with people who have similar organizations in your jurisdiction.


Do you recommend a book on the subject?

Yes the latest edition of the Rainwater Harvesting Manual by ARCSA.


Do you have any research on rainwater harvesting or integrated water management?

Yes, we have hundreds of research papers on the subject. If you are looking for something in particular, we can often be of assistance.


Can you speak at our meeting?

We speak locally, provincially, nationally and internationally on subjects related to integrated water management. Our research presentations include ways to scale rainwater harvesting from the house level to the subdivision, neighbourhood and community level.


Do you do contract research on integrated water management?

Yes, please contact us. We are connected with an international group of researchers who are specialized in this area of research.


Can you help small municipalities improve their water management practices, to include integrated water management?

Yes. We have expertise working with communities looking to review and make recommendations to improve water efficiency and implement whole water management.


Can you help me find ways to improve the water retention capacity of my gardens or crops?

Yes, please contact us. We are pleased to go over the specific issues you face in your location.




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